byebye polaroid

so the witch girls are just back from berlin. photos will be uploaded in due course. work/uni must resume in just a few days and so i must learn how to pick up a pen and write something that makes sense once more. so far this out of 1500 makes sense,

If you went to Andy Warhol’s factory hangout during the height of seventies glamour and said to him “In forty years time, vinyl will be almost obsolete, cameras will fit in to your pocket and Christmas 2008 will be your last with your beloved Polaroid”, I have a feeling he’d erupt in to a fit of chuckles and say “Oh, you are such a Joker”. Too bad he isn’t here now to see how the digital age really has claimed so many scalps. So long vinyl, so long VHS and now we must bid adieu to the Polaroid camera; a loss I for one will mourn for many Christmases to come.

In this digital era, where trends must be pragmatic to thrive and where the real money making is in the latest technologies, my Polaroid camera is a breath of fresh air. I can still picture, as a freckly youngster, my mother at family functions capturing precious moments with the Polaroid camera I now call my own. “Cheese” she would say and with that very instinctive whir, the machine would expel a print and excitedly we would wait until the image developed. Today my mother has converted to a digital. The colours are sharp and the delete button is a very useful tool but even she agrees it doesn’t retain the magic a Polaroid encompasses.

L x