the wITches of horse and groom lane

we're so pale it hurts, but it's the middle of winter so there is no need for excuses. walks in the wood are good for your soul, stripping in front of dog walkers threatens your ego and hours upon hours of wITchin time is the best time going.

There once was a wItch girl, a witch of the wood,
A hunter beheld her alone as she stood,
The spell of her beauty upon him was laid;
He looked and he longed for the magical maid!
For a sudden tremor ran,
Right through the love bwildered man,
And he sighed as a hapless lover can.
wITch girl, O wITch girl! the witch of the wood!
Would I not die for you, dear, if I could?
wITch girl, O wITch girl, my love and my bride,
Softly and sadly he sighed.

The wood maiden smiled and no answer she gave,
But beckoned him into the shade of the cave,
He never had known such a rapturous bliss,
No maiden of mortals so sweetly can kiss!
As before her feet he lay,
She vanished in the wood away,
And he called vainly till his dying day!
wITch girl, O wITch, my love and my bride!
Softly and sadly he sighed, Sadly he sighed, "wITch girl."

so tomorrow is the end of 2008? w.t.f. where did it go?
resolutions to be confirmed, but we're hedging bets on a good year to come.

happy new year friends, followers, fellow goffs and the followill's x