a. So Monday night was Distill's fash bash party for Issue 2! It was in the cutest/weirdest location- the shop at bluebird on Kings Road. Cosmo's and vodka oranges went down well. No Jake Gyllenhaal.. but Colin was looking as beardy as ever and a fair few (hot) famous? faces would have definitely been seduced if it hadn't have been for the 10pm curfew. NO bumhole 8. Bed and burgers were a much kinder alternative in the current climate for jack frost fingers.frosty walk home at 4am. no thank y o u!

b. Last night, the 1 the only Ellie Burger was over for some witching and bitching. The decks are definitely back in order (thanks E.B) and dreaming of Coachella/SXSW/sunshine/christmas! were t.o.t.a I-tunes is definitely full of xmas jingles! They fuel some kind of inner happiness, kind of like a romp in the morning/ a good cuppa does.

c&d. We want a black christmas tree for the living room AND a black kitten, preferably one that stays small foreeever.

e. Proof wITch girls shouldn't be apart
r e c l u s e

OH and

f. 'I have a new addition to my face'



ELLIE MAY! | 8 December 2008 at 22:50

yooooooo moterfuckkerrzzz getback to stretham burger and get out of es sex i want you back for good. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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