K U N S T ? C U N T S ?

yesterday the wITch girls managed to leave the flat after dark! Hurrah! Hail Mary! Amazing... Grace! Goodbye slippers, hello high heel tripping. Goodbye tea, 2, stong. Hello vodka.
Destination= gay pub in Vauxhall. You've got to toy with your sexuality every now and again, right? If we aren't twins/sisters/cousins we're lovers- so it was an easy task carried out with great precision (but seriously who knew Vauxhall is the epicentre of man-on-man action in SW??? we sureeee didn't) The night began with some manner of old man's pub, a single vodka seduced by home-smuggled absolut raspberry and some horny over 40s who liked to educate us on the shittyness of free London papers- snore. We progressed on to the pub once heads and hearts were warm and fuzzy to see our "good friends" The Holy Ghost Revival play.
Bouncer: Are you here for Kunst
wItch girls: what, erm, yes, cunts.
The night ended with a short work experience stint hollering at punters from a burger van B E L L Y L A U G H, aunt bessie home frys at 4am and a good timer back at the love nest

so what have we learnt?
a- boys in bands always have some manner of full-term bitch
b- milk cannot be bought at 4am, a sign you should still be on peach schnapps
c- gay club nights consist of puppetiers, opera singers, poetry and ....gay men
d- sequins= free cock&tails
e&f- the bus driver knows where he is driving to, always make sure you are on the right side of the road
g- bum punching isn't cool
h- vauxhall, g-a-y
I- guys sucking each others faces suck
J- we are appreciative of the macho masculine male. Dicks are not made for bums

tonight- to go out? or to stay in? Q of our lives

L + J x