This is Sarah from She is a total babe and i like that her style has a sense of fun to it. She also DJ's under the name Soccer Mom's with her friends. WHAT A PACKAGE.
I asked her a few question's about herself:
1- What are your top tracks to DJ? killing in the name of - rage against the machine, blink 182 - dammit, baby got back - sir mixalot, i touch myself - the divynyls and you dont own me - bette midler. This one doesnt always go down so well, but for me djings about having fun , this song is a funny way to end a usually exhausting set!
2-What are your top 5 films? bande à part, Gummo, Muriels wedding, Scarface, the sandlot
3-How would you describe your style? I guess its always changeing. i like to experiment depending on my mood or whats inspiring me at the time. I think the most important part is to not take myself too seriously, i need those days where i can sit at home in my comfiest (most likely ugliest) clothes and not give a fuck about whos wearing what and the new collection that just blew everyones mind.
4- What are your plans for 2010? This year i am going to europe in July. I have my tickets booked, now i just have to save the shit out of it till then so i can travel and shop like crazy
5- What are your favorite pieces from your wardrobe? Probably this classic white shirt dress i just bought for 5 bucks, perfect for summer and my slayer tshirt which is so wrecked now i only wear it to bed.

Amen, Jade x


Elisa | 7 January 2010 at 08:18

I love that bitch. We used to be bloggy friends but I don't know what happened.

lets never lose touch ladies of bitchcraft, I love you both 2much.

also, devoting the better part of a blog to having long hair is basically awsome/my life.

Jade and Laura | 7 January 2010 at 08:23

i know shes mega fit. i think we should have a three way marriage, what you saying?
your still my first (blog) love.

LHFC | 7 January 2010 at 18:51

thanks for the sweet post im heaps flattered girls as unreal as you want to post about me ♥

ps: elisa i still love the shit out of your blog but for some blogcunt wont let me post comments on it! its angry email time