Zara Mirkin Yo

Damn this girl is talented. Zara styles for No magazine which comes out of New Zealand. Her styling draws from so many angles yet it never looks too 'styled' which is a massive accomplishment. What's also really refreshing is she doesn't rely upon big designers (that real people can't afford) in her work too make an impact. Here is a quick interview i did with her and some of her work.....

1-How did you get into styling?
It was an accident. This magazine office use to be up the road from the retail store I worked in when I was 17 and the art director use to always come down and chat to me… she liked the way I dressed so a couple years later when she started her own magazine she offered me a job.

2-what and who inspires you?
Mostly my friends, the people I work with and the objects I shoot. In the way of photographers Karen Inderbitzen-Waller who has been a best friend and a mentor to me, we have never produced anything’s that’s just average. Mark Hunter is a friend I miss working with, I love the way he captures moments that inspire every young silly girl in the world to wear a million braclets and to sit on the floor with their blackberrys. The team at NO, Delaney Tabron in particular who is always 10 steps ahead of me but more unorganized. My friends Greta and Grace in Sydney who are just always challenging me, Sam Crawford and Karla Devine in NYC who are working with the people I dream to work with. Zippy Seven who always dresses mental no matter what situation she is and my older sister Gabrielle without her I would be fucked!
Magazines are my other main inspiration, I collect magazines and treasure them… my favourites are Self Service, ID, Lula, Love and Russh. Also Francessca Burns work, you can tell before you even look at the name that’s she’s done it. I can’t forget Chanels runway shows.. especially the latest country barn one… I was left speechless.

3-who would you love to style?
Lara Stone, there is no model in the world that even compares. I love Georgia Jagger after seeing her in the new ID. Courtney Love and Lady GaGa.

4-who has been you favorite person to work with to date?
There’s been so many, I styled Alice Dellal in October for the cover of NO Magazine… she was even more incredible in person. I’ve also worked with her cousin Harley Viera-Newton who is also shit hot.. Taylor Warren and Ali Stephens who are both perfect in every way… Otherwise my two all time favourites are my close friends Zippora Seven and Tallulah Morton, they make me so happy and we always make magic.

5-how would you describe your style?
Um a horrible mish mash of everything. Sometimes I dress in costume, sometimes a cowboy, sometimes pocohontas, sometimes like satan, but more often a NFL player, my style has quite often been describe as witch like..

6-what 3 items in your wardrobe couldn't you live without?
My Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots I bought at Venice Beach, Stolen Girlfriends Clubs Zip Plaid Pants which I designed and have 5 pairs of. My Lonely Hearts Knitted Camo Cardigan which I wear every day in winter and has never been washed! I can’t forget my teal green Herve Leger bandage dress, when I feel shit I put it on and then I feel fucking awesome, My platform red Chloe lace up boots (everyone has but I still love) and my vintage laederhoosen leather hot pants… shit that’s 6 but I need them all to live… and can’t leave the house without my rings, I sleep with them on.

7-where are your favorite places to shop?
Trash & Vaudeville on St Marks Place, NYC
Fast & Loose on K’rd, Auckland
Bess, NYC
Opening Ceremony, NYC
WholeFoods!! I dream of shopping there everyday….

8- who are your favorite designers/ brands?
Jeremy Scott, Christopher Kane, Balmain, Chanel, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Lonley Hearts, Topshop.

9- what do you love about new zealand?
The things that I like here I love but the things I don’t like here I hate, but I guess you’d find that eventually wherever you go. I love the beaches, mountains, lakes and bush. Its so weird you can drive ten minutes from the city and be in the middle of nowhere. Summers here are the best, all you eat are burgers and drink milkshakes. I have a few amazing friends here and my boyfriend I love and our shitty house. I will always regard NZ as home (even tho my family all live in NY) but I won’t be here for much longer as I will go join them soon!

Her personal style is banging also

Jade x


liana | 22 December 2009 at 02:29

ahhhhhhhh i love her personal style!!
thanks for posting the interview :)

Jade and Laura | 22 December 2009 at 13:43

your welcome mrs babe.

a. | 23 December 2009 at 02:07

oh yeah, awesome pictures, especially no°1.

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