happy helloween

Totally diggin this urban dic entry..
Halloween Slut:

Girl who uses halloween as an excuse to act and dress like a slut. Halloween sluts are characterized by their thought that in the morning no one will remember how skanky and utterly trashy they looked the night before. But the truth is, once a halloween slut, always a halloween slut. Everyone remembers.

Halloween sluts forget the reason for the season. Halloween is not about squezing into a "french maid" outfit you got at the local porn store that is purposefully 3 sizes too small or living out your dream to be a victoria secret model despite your beer gut and flab ass. It's about candy and beer.

"Did you see Jessica's fat ass in nothing but underwear last night?" - sensible girl #1
"No, but I did see JoJo in a nurse outfit that showed her ass cheeks." - sensible girl #2
"Damn, our campus is nothing but a bunch of halloween sluts" - sensible girl #1

i'll probs just stick to this kind of thing....


ray | 27 October 2009 at 20:36

thought of wednesday. maybe alabama whirley.