Girl Talk

We were going to do a verbose and indulgent introduction to Harley's work but then it dawned on us that we shouldn't delay proceedings and that our lingo wouldn't really do her work justice.

Basically this girls photo's are fucking fit. Harley Weir is one to keep both your eyes on. We caught up with our old friend.
1- What made you want to take pictures? think it was the cameras, i love the machines, i love buying film,i love buying cameras, experimenting, thats where all the money goes.
2-What inspires you?ah everything! sex. wrestling. animals. people. writers...philosophers.
3-Do you have a favourite photographer, if so why? today- vanessa beecroft.
4-What are you aspirations with regards to photography? i want to make something worth looking at, sometimes it feels like theres nothing left to do, espesially within fashion photography, everythings referencing something else.
5- Finally who would be your dream subject? someone really unbelievably striking, (borderline hideous) with one purple eye and one green eye

We could spend all day looking at her work and her.

check out more of her spesh photographs here