Pastures New

the gals in this video = new faves

The witch girls have flown the (love) nest and made a gruelling move back to the home land. Complete bummer.
It was a fun packed 6 months that i'm certain neither of us will forget, ever ever.

Paris on Thursday in the name of university research/ fashion week/ and getting drunk on cheap vino.

Last was LFW... a mix of matt irwin, the black lips, betty jackson, quasami, the press lounge, goodie bags, ashish bishbosh, some good parties and some shit parties, trannys, hobos, just chips, charlie le mindu, chico, house of whatever,bora asku, too much wine, too little sleep and some other jizz made a really great last week in ldn. Not a patch on s/s09 however...

My PF shows this go round.

Betty Jackson.. for the fact Tanyayaya walked for her.. ohh and the cute cropped knits. They may have been casmere but i've lost the press release in the move.

Louise Goldin.. for the prehistoric slash futuristic black thing

Mark Fast.. for his genius handiwork with knitwear.. i am even digging the satsuma body cons

James Long.. for menswear

Bora Asku.. for totally dreammmy hoisery

Charles Anatase.. for sexy boys, sexy girls and awesome spiked booties

The central St Martins MA designers.. because they are the future of fashion