It's not an unknown that you can find some really cute bits and bobs in thrift stores. Obviously you get the ballcrap, which often smells like it's nestling cress in it's seams, but if you're persistant, and you find the right stores, there are some real treasures waiting to be bought for literally tuppence. (I wish I knew how much a tuppence is in today's money?? I feel like a pretty terrible British citizen not understanding the oldy woldy money system!)

The Goff-Gaff's/Love Nest's minimalist decor meant that from the very minute we got the keys on the 4th Sept, we could plan where the little nit bits would go... and the collection is still growing. Today I found the cutest little heart-glass hanging ornament, which I've already found a home for on the wall of hearts in the bathroom. From the Hospice store for 50p.. I'm sure that's basically a tuppence?

Today, we recieved our first and probably only christmas card from my grandmother, which definitely cements the fact the big C is only a matter of days away! I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family,
to having a plate full of turkey and pigs in blankets,
to long guiltless lay-ins,
to sleep-inducing films on the couch,
to drinking mulled wine, and trying mince pies, only to realise I STILL do not like them,
to generally resting my brain, and to spend time with everyone I love. Tis the season of good will after all



Gorilla Bananas | 9 December 2008 at 09:42

Merry Christmas, wITch girls. I'd send you a ten shilling note if I knew your address.