clever words

"Maculinitiy, Manhood. What makes a man and man? As a woman at the dawn of mid-life, I can confess to having learned, for sure, that i have more testosterone in my right foot than most men have surging around their entire bodies. You don't have to be born with balls to have balls. There is spunk and there is mental spunk, and it's the latter that gets me up in the mornings, that makes me change my life, that moves the world round.

Unfaithful. Men have a massive problem. They lie.
Why the hell would anyone be unfaithful unless they had fallen out of love? Twenty minutes, one night, it makes no difference. I have a female friend who is constantly unfaithful. I say to her "Why do you think you gain experience from other lays when the man you are with is not given the chance to grow?"
Being a man is taking responsbility for an action, whether it's calculated or just a fuck-up. Do not deny those you love."

Tracey Emin- Strangeland.

So freaking true. I couldn't have wished to pen that page any better. Maybe in another 2 decades, I will be just as good with words as her.

a, an hour late for work
b, went through old street, picadilly circus, bond street, st james's park, oxford circus and angel stations! Oh the life of an 'on-her-feet' intern.
c, questioned by police, because i fit the description of a local burgular! ouch.
d, purchased a 1920s beaded cap- black; of course.
e, called barry 'i like anal' landlord, about our shittingly annoying drippy arse boiler
f, resumed the soup diet
g, considered how lonely it would be to live alone