cow udders

If in doubt get ya cow udders out. Definitely our new ethos for life.

the wITch girls are back in es sex for christmas, and boy does it feel good to be surrounded by warm radiators and food cupboards full to the brim. Give it a week though, and i'm sure we will be tearing our hair out because a, we can't bare more than three days/nights apart before having some kind of mental breakdown and b, family christmas stressing is a big fat snore.

Snoring aside, we are in DIRE need of the luella witch hats for our debut dj set at the Old Blue Last next!! It's going to have to be a case of "Hello bulldog-faced pr bitch, please refrain from chewing that fat'ass wasp and sort me out some luella hats pretty please" or perhaps a quick bartley befriending session as we would, of course, be a pretty good team of luella wITch girls.