You know Winter's arrived when-
You are happy to stay in your flat in PJs for nights and nights on end.
Tea and toast at 7pm is an adequate substitute for vodka and mcdonalds at 3am.
The sun setting becomes a focal point for discussion daily "Ooooh look how dark it is, and so early".
The fact you've got gloves, hat, scarf, coat, jumper, jumper, cardigan, t-shirt of all different colours/patterns/fabrics really doesn't bother you in the slightest.
Long hot baths become a necessity.
A hot water bottle becomes no.1 priority in bed at night.. sorry teddy.
Your Alarm tones become no.1 enemy.
You eat Soup. And lots of it.

So the plumber came. And the plumber went, yet the boiler still insists in letting an incessant shitty drip, drip through it's incontinant little penis pipe. If it explodes in my face when i'm making a brew one morning, my face reconstruction bill is heading straight for the desk of MR BARRY FUCKING BALL (landlord).
The soup diet hasn't quite resumed. Perhaps it will become one of those one week on one week off things, but I am pretty certain we do not have the willpower to bypass greasy spoon chips every other week. If cabbage soup WAS available in pre made can form, the diet could commence, alas our own carrot coriander/ chicken and veg/ potato and leak OH and a tracker bar for breakfast diet plan is doomed for failure.
Tomorrow we plan to venture further than the flat- whether this will be carried out who-the-fuck knows. NOTE TO SELF. when you start to question whether you should go out, punch yourself in the face and GO OUT. I want to wear a short skirt and high heels and dance to jermaine stewart and not think about the shitty boy on my infested mind.
Monday is Distill magazine's issue 2 launch party in great portland street. free drinks will be my vice and J will be my date. I am excited beyond words.